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Storm Warfare partners with Immutable, the leading distributor of Web3 games! By joining forces with Immutable, Storm Warfare will be the FIRST FULL-VERSION GAME EVER to launch on Immutable's revolutionary zkEVM platform. Plus, it will gain access to a massive community of OVER 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.


The big day is finally here: Janus Interactive's highly anticipated $JAN token is now officially listed and trading live on Bitget, MEXC and UNISWAP.

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From AI-generated avatars and dynamic battle maps to stunningcard backs, legendary hero cards and more... Take your gaming experience to the next level with Storm Warfare's tradable Blockchain sets and digital assets.

  • /images/specs/ai-commander.png

    10K AI-Generated 3D Avatars

    WORLD’S FIRST dynamic Blockchain set of avatars with evolving facial features and appearance.

  • /images/specs/boards.png

    70 Fact-Based WW2 Battleboards

    Historically accurate, 3D animated WW2 battlefields with dynamic weather and terrain conditions.

  • /images/specs/cardback.png

    25 Exclusive Card Back Illustrations

    Custom-design card back illustrations for enhanced gameplay, card trading and collections.

  • /images/specs/hero-cards.png

    100 Legendary Heroes

    Powerful hero cards honouring the legacy of real WW2 generals, soldiers and civilians.

  • /images/specs/unit-cards.png

    400+ Collectible In-Game Cards.

    Collectable, tradeable WW2 concept cards designed by world-renowned illustrators.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics

Decks & Turn

A free-to-play strategic card game that features the revolutionary True Ownership model. Storm Warfare players fight on epic WWII battlefronts, collect cards, truly own, control and trade their in-game assets.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics

Player Hand

Your hand is your arsenal, soldier! The collection of cards within represents the weapons, tactics and resources at your disposal. Use them wisely!

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics

Enemy Side

Your enemy is stationed at the upper half of the battleboard. To claim your victory, you'll have to defeat the enemy’s cards and neutralize the Commander located in the main headquarters.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics


This is the battlefield where all the cards come to life and interact with each other. Think of it as the stage where the magic happens.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics

Command Points

Command Points are your resources. They are the strategic currency that you must allocate to your units and weapons. Think of them as little bits of magic that you can use to unlock the full potential of your cards.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics

Decks & End Turn

Your deck is your war chest, filled with all the tools and assets you need to win the game. When you're ready to let your opponent take their turn, hit the "End Turn" button on the right and prepare for your next move.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics


History is like the story of the game so far. Every move, every card played and every triumph is recorded for posterity.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics

The Commander

The Commander is the star of the show! It represents you in the game and is the leader of your forces. Do your best to protect your Commander or you lose the game.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics


The weapon is the Commander's trusty ally and the symbol of his prowess. Each class has its own unique weapon which becomes more powerful with each victory. Weapon cards in the game allow the Commander to defend himself or wreak havoc on the enemy.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics

Commander Ability

Commander Ability is the hero power that makes your Commander truly unique. Each Commander has their own special ability that varies depending on the Commander's class. Use them to gain an advantage and turn the tide of the battle!

Storm Warfare Roadmap

  • Dec 2023

    Open Beta Launch

    Public Tournament

    Creators Tournament

    Free NFT Mint Campaign

  • Jan 2024

    IDO Sales

    Open Beta Steam Launch

    Open Beta Epic Games Launch

    Storm Warfare NFT Sales

    Storm Warfare Official Launch

    Storm Warfare Marketplace Launch

  • Feb 2024

    Normandy Expansion Launch

    February Public Tournament

    Storm Warfare Epic Games Launch

  • Mar 2024

    March Public Tournament

All dates are estimates and subject to change.